Valves must be mounted on a horizontal length of the pipe, so that fluids flow in the same direction of the arrow on the valve body.
Coil must be mounted upright.
In case of fluids containing impurities, it is necessary to place a filter before valve entry.
For plants in the open and wherever there might be danger of explosion, ask only for the IP55, the IP66, or, respectively, the EEx-d (explosion proof) types.
In case of plants with back pressures, proper non-return valves must be mounted after the solenoid valve.
When water is very hard, it is advisable to place a water-softener in the plant, or else to provide regular cleaning of the inner parts of the valve.
For installations in plants with water hammer or resonance, proper air chambers or other devices must be provided for.
In case of particular fluids or for heavy-duty requirements, please contact our technical dept.

Attuatori Lineari Ele-Fantini
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