Marzorati Sistemi di Trasmissione S.r.l. provides power transmission solutions: bevel gearboxes, light and heavy mechanical jacks, timing systems, gearboxes, brakes and electromagnetic clutches, drive shafts and engines, all from a single supplier. Thanks to the latest technology, the cutting-edge production facilities and ever-present customer service, we help you to be competitive and successful.

Marzorati attaches great importance to flexibility and innovation. This is the only way we can provide and guarantee you, our customers, with consistently excellent results in line with the highest global standards.

Marzorati is more than just a simple transmission component manufacturer: we provide efficient turnkey solutions in the form of industrial transmissions, production process support, automation systems, customer service and training courses.

Marzorati is at your disposal anytime, anywhere in the world: we follow a policy of expansion into new markets while maintaining a strong presence at our distributors. Your success and the satisfaction of our customers are our guiding principles.

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